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Advisors and Thank Yous

Over the course of this project, we received help from numerous people, and while we can't thank them enough, we wanted to mention them here. 

The following donors generously contributed Legos to this project.

The Atkins Family

The Anderson Family

The Carey Graves Family

Jen and Drew Clarke

The Dewing Family

The Goar Family

The Miller Family

The Morel Family

The Reed Family

The Schutzer Family

Sally Merritt Swart and Family
The Thorne-Theodoropoulos Family

The Vause Family


Ms. Emilie Stinson-Nosovic
Lego Replay

A big thanks to Emilie for providing us with booklets from the LEGO Replay group, and constantly checking in with us to update about her progress. We couldn't have done this without you!


Dr. Lisa Fiore,
Tufts University

I first began working with Dr Fiore at Lesley University. She helped me think through all the options for this project and taught me a lot about fine motor skills, literacy and math and special education. She then allowed me to present my project to her early education and special education students and get their feedback. With her guidance, the students created lesson plan concepts that I could use with the kids. I adapted two of these plans for use at Kidane Mehret. I'm really grateful to her for all of her help. I could not have done the work without her.

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