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Here we go, Lego!

Today is the day that I shared my Lego project with the kids at Kidane Mehret. It was a big deal for my sister Samri too as it was the first time she had been back since she joined our family. Many of her close friends are still there, and that's hard and sad.

After so many months, it is hard to share how amazing it was to actually work with them and the teachers. I felt nervous at first, then relief and joy to see the kids so happy. They were so excited to use the Legos! Some wanted to follow the activities that we had brought - colors and math - and some just wanted to build. The kids made things I never would have expected, and things I know they have never seen in real life, like a pool with a diving board and a large gun (I remember building lots of those when I was little). At the end of the afternoon the kids thanked me and it was a little overwhelming, but also special.

I am going to share a full gallery of the afternoon when I have better wifi, but here are some of my favorite photos. The last one is my most favorite - this kid is fourteen and does not have fully formed arms. He loved using the Legos and created a speeder!

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