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Lesson Plans from Dr Fiore!

We are leaving for Ethiopia in a week so it's crunch time!

Today I met with Dr. Fiore and picked up the bin of Legos I had left with her and her student teachers - in Early Education and Special Education - a month ago. The students had created multiple lesson plans for me to look at and review. They had also purchased small bags and separated them to accompany the lesson plans. It was such a generous and comprehensive donation to this project! I am really grateful to all of them.

With my parents, I selected two of the ideas that I could implement at Kidane Mehret. One about learning colors and associated their names with visual cues, and one for math facts. We translated the color activity into Amharic. We had both activities printed and laminated with very durable, hard lamination. And with the remaining monetary donations we purchased dry erase markers to do the activities.

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