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Presenting to Early Education teachers at Lesley University

Today I presented my project to the student teachers at Lesley University in Dr. Fiore's Early Education class. I was pretty nervous about it but it went really well.

First I presented my Slides on why I started the project to the class. I wanted them to know about my sister Samri and the motivation to bring Legos to Kidane Mehret.

After my presentation, we got onto the floor with a huge bin of Legos that I had brought. We brainstormed ways to reach the kids, and I shared some of my thoughts on whether those ideas could work with this specific group.

One teacher had a really interesting observation about trauma that was important as I thought about the older kids. With Legos, you don't need to talk - you can just build together. I noticed this with Samri when she first arrived and it was an excellent point.

These teachers work in the Cambridge schools and were encouraging me to continue this work in Cambridge after going to Kidane Mehret this winter. This is a very cool idea... They are going to take the Legos and experiment with ideas for different lesson plans over the next month. They obviously know a lot more about the method of sharing Lego activities than I do so it is going to be a cool process.

I will be sharing my project with the Special Education class next week.

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